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We are the Trucrenativez

Who are Trucrenativez?

How did it start? Well it began around 2018 where myself, Amde and another friend of ours  came together one day and discussed about an idea where all three of us would look at talking about ideas of how we can look at furthering our goal at exchanging ideas and bringing our work together, seeing how we can progress further. We continued working together for a while until we looked at the possibility of expanding out of our triangle to reach to other creatives individualists. From three became two but that didn't stop us and only made us more determined to still continue our path upon launching a platform towards building a community within and showcasing talented artists, becoming a trucrenativez.

What is our goal?

A simple one, to reach out to as many true creative individuals out there. We ourselves know how hard it is for a lot of people to find time to put together their own work as well as finding a place to show case your project that is why we decided to make a space exactly for those reasons alone and allow yourself the freedom and the space for them to be creative thing that is important to both of us. A community and to build a strong robust environment for us all to learn, thrive and explore, a club. Being able to bring together a healthy culture of creativity ranging from traditional art to photography to filming and all types of different mediums of eclecticism. Imagine having a place where all manner of centering a feeling of 'togetherness' and not feeling a sense of isolation. Sharing and exchanging ideas as well as helping to elevate together is indeed something important to us.     

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More dates will be anounced, keep watch. 

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